My life thus far has been full of changes but one thing has remained constant throughout and that is my affection for Visual Art. I started drawing at an early age, one of my very first sketches was a pencil sketch of Romeo & Juliet which I was inspired from the cover of my sister’s poetry book. Upon discovering my love for Visual Art, my parents enrolled me in the Junior Art Institute to learn more about sketching and painting. Growing up, I love being creative as I was always very enthusiastic about building my own toys from all materials that I could find around the house.

As time goes by, that love for Visual Art and the zeal to create, fused into a passion for photography. I got my first film camera when I was 14 and started doing street portraits as well as documenting my surrounding environment. In 2005, I made a transition into digital photography and after completing my study at Brisbane College of Art and Photography, I began to concentrate on portraiture and the idea of creating timeless environmental portraits has become a new devotion.

Why portraiture? It goes without saying that we are nature’s inimitable work of art. Our eyes, smiles, bodies and facial profiles are unique and they depict many interesting stories. With our passing, these stories will be forever gone and this is the main reason why it gives me such joy and pleasure to capture these irreplaceable stories and preserve them for generations to come.